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About the Slime Sister​s:

Slime Market was created by twin sisters Jaclyn and Serena Agus who have spent countless hours since their Bat Mitzvah working to create a fun and safe alternative to store-bought slime.
Working together on their now-perfected formula, the Slime Twins opened the Slime Market to be able to share their hobby with the world and for the world
Jaclyn and Serena believe in the importance of giving charity and felt this was the perfect opportunity to spread happiness by doing what makes them happy. Therefore, the Slime Twins plan to donate their first $1,000 towards the Shalva Organization, a non-profit that J & S feel especially close to after visiting their campus this past February.
In addition, with your help, we plan to donate 20% of all future sales towards charities.
Serena Agus
Jaclyn Agus

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